PHOTO FRIDAY: Building a Li’l PJ Library

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This week’s submission comes from PJ Library San Francisco.



Inspired by Little Free Library, a program that creates “take a book, return a book” gathering places through which communities can share literature, PJ Library mom Ilana and her daughter Noa (age 8) made PJ Library San Francisco its own “L’il PJ Library” lending box.



Ilana is a program officer at the San Francisco Jewish Community Federation, an implementing partner of the PJ Library program.


“We went to the local junkyard and Home Depot and made our own, kid-friendly version of the Little Free Library,” Ilana reports. “Noa was excited about the whole process and experience. She felt it was important to build the L’il PJ Library at kid-height. She decorated it with PJ Library stickers and solar lights.”

After building their local PJ Library program a lending box, Ilana and Noa watched to see whether it would be used. “As Noa’s Ima, I have watched the Library closely, hoping she might get a visitor or two,” Ilana says.

Then, just days after constructing the L’il PJ Library, Noa discovered a book had been checked out. A note was left for Noa by someone named Stella.

“When Noa read the note, the look on her face — like something incredible happened because of an action she took — was deeply moving for me as a parent,” Ilana recalls. “Noa asked me what ‘inspired’ meant. I paused, thought, and then said, ‘Spirited motivation. Motivation with ruach.’ She understood.

Ilana adds, “It means everything to us as a family that we do good in the world. This morning Noa felt that she made (and makes!) a difference.”



PHOTO FRIDAY: Building a Li’l PJ Library










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