Easy Activity: Make a Question Jar

Any family meal is a great time to encourage lively, question-filled discussion. Put together a question jar to help spur family conversations every time you and your kids sit down for dinner.

This Activity Works With These Books:



Glass jar with lid
Construction paper
Scissors (and grown-up help)
Blank paper and pen
Dry-erase marker


  1. Draw and then cut a question mark out of the construction paper and tape it to the side of the jar.
  2. Cut the blank paper into strips.
  3. Write a question on each strip of paper. Kids who aren’t writing yet can draw pictures.
  4. Fold the strips of paper and put them in the jar. At dinnertime, each family member can choose a conversation starter from the jar and pose it to the table. Questions, anyone?

TIP: Need ideas? Visit thefamilydinnerproject.org for conversation starters targeted to different age groups.


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