Your New Favorite Podcast

Today, and Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg launched their new podcast, NURTURE THE WOWCAST, and we couldn't be more excited! As parents, what can we pull from Jewish wisdom as we're faced with the everyday challenges of parenting? We're tasked with helping guide our children's spirtual journeys and development - but how do we do that exactly? 

We selected Rabbi Ruttenberg as our keynote speaker at this year's PJ Library Conference because she has a gift for speaking about the connections between parenting and spirituality in easy to parse, relatable ways. We're excited that her new podcast and book enables us to share her nuggets of wisdom with our greater PJ Library community. 

The podcast episodes are short and sweet - five to seven minutes. The perfect amount to fill time while waiting in the drop/off pick up line or between packing lunch, schlepping to activities, doing laundry, and all of the other whirlwind duties that go with parenting. We've embedded the first below for you to take a listen.

For more information and to subscribe, head over to Kveller: