Shaboom! Episode 2: The Best Medicine

PJ Library has partnered with BimBam to bring a fun, educational, webseries, Shaboom! to life. If your kids love Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood or Little Einsteins, they'll love Shaboom!  The show makes use of the same playful, educational, vibe but with the bonus of Jewish values and themes built in to each story. In this week's episode we learn about the value of visiting others who are sick, known as bikur cholim.

Fun activities to teach your children more about bikur cholim include making care packages, reading a story like A Sick Day for Amos McGee, and writing letters or decorating cards for friends who could use a little cheering up. With simple things found around your house, you and your kids can make an interactive anytime hug so you don't have to worry about friends sharing their sick germs. Or try making some warming matzah-ball soup just like the Plonys did. You can find a quick recipe here.

Catch all of Gabi and Rafael's adventures on BimBam or check in right here on the PJ blog. We'll post new episodes each week. Or download the app!




For more information visit the Shaboom! Resources for Parents.



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Shaboom! is supported by a PJ Library Alliance Spark Engagement grant. To learn more about PJ Library Alliance grants and grant recipients, please click here.