Tzounds (Sounds) of Tzedakah


Teach your family all about the Jewish value of Tzedakah with these upbeat and entertaining Tzedakah songs. Click on the playlist below to listen to Tzedakah-related songs from PJ Library recording artists!


Melita Doostan & Octopretzel - Tzedaka

From the Album: Shirei Gan Shalom: Songs in the Garden

Musician and teacher Melita Doostan, along with kids' folk band Octopretzel, offer songs from Shabbat circles and festive gatherings.


Felicia Sloin


Felicia Sloin - Do the Tzedakah Shake

From the Album: Zeh Hayom/This is the Day

Zeh Hayom! This is the Day! A day to jam, to dance, to sing, to drum and be silly with this collection of traditional and original Jewish children's music. Funky, zany, interactive, meaningful and enjoyable for the whole family. This music was commissioned by PJ Library. It is based on popular songs for pre-school-aged children.

Felicia Sloin


Look at Me


Sheldon Low - Put it in the Pushke

From the Album: Look at Me

Popular Jewish musicians Rick Recht and Sheldon Low team up on this album for children. The CD is dedicated to "all the incredible Jewish educators who passionately inspire our children to feel the warmth and beauty of all it means to be Jewish."

Sheldon Low
Produced by Rick Recht, PJ Library Celebrity Spokesperson