Mighty Mensch

(A new twist on Old Maid)

Recommended Ages: 5 and up
Number of Players: 3 or more
Goal: To be the player holding the Mensch Card at the end of game.

Set -up:

1.Decide how many Kindness Card Categories you will be using in your game.
[Note: With 3 categories (i.e. Be a Friend, Take Care of the Earth and Welcome Guests ) and 3 players, the game will take approximately 8 minutes.]
2. Add the Mensch Card to your deck of playing cards.
3. Shuffle cards.
4. Deal out all of the cards, one at a time, face down, to all players. Some players may receive more cards than others, but that's fine.
5. Look at your cards. Remove any matching pairs (two cards displaying the same Kindness Category, illustrations, and words) and place them face- up in front of you.
6. Make a fan of your cards. Be sure you're the only one who can see them!


1. One player (Player #1) begins the game by picking one card from the person sitting to her left (Player #2).
2. If the selected card matches a card in Player #1's hand, Player #1 puts the matching pair down in front of her. If the card does not make a pair, Player #1 keeps the new card in her hand.
3. Play moves onto the player who has just had a card removed from his hand (Player #2). Player #2 chooses one card from the hand of the person sitting to his left (Player #3), and either forms a new pair with the selected card or keeps the card in his hand.
3. Play continues until everyone has run out of cards, except the player holding the Mensch Card.
4. To win the game, the player holding the Mensch Card must answer the question on the card: How will you be a mensch today? After describing one kind act that he hopes to perform, the player holding the Mensch Card is declared the winner. The winner becomes the dealer for the next round of play.