Pajama Havdalah

Invite your old camp friends, the families from your child’s preschool class, or the neighbors you’ve been hoping to get to know better. Havdalah, or “separation” in Hebrew, is Shabbat’s closing ritual and it begins when three stars appear on Saturday evening. This Together Experience has everything you need for a cuddly and fun virtual experience to welcome in the new week.

Ideas to help you make this experience great:

  • Invite your friends. Remember, a Together Experience should include at least two, but no more than five, other Jewish families.
  • Choose how you will connect. There are many options for virtual interactive gatherings including Zoom, Facetime, and Google Hangouts.
  • Learn or refresh your memory of the Havdalah blessings by watching this video, either in advance or “screen share” it with the group during the gathering.
  • Gather the essential ingredients:  Havdalah candle, spices, and wine/grape juice. Here are some fun ways to make your own.
  • Bust out your favorite pajamas and get the party started!

Suggested ways to spend your Together Experience host reimbursement:

  • Treat yourself to a beautiful Havdalah candle (like this one or this one) or make your own using beeswax sheets using this tutorial from DesignMegillah. (Our shopping suggestions aren’t endorsements, just some staff favorites. PJ Library isn’t affiliated with these vendors.)  
  • Visit your local bakery and pick up some special cookies.  
  • Send a care package to your friends or split the funds so they can order their own treats!

Get started with our Tips to Hosting a Family-Friendly Virtual Together Experience.

Apply Now

Make sure to submit your host application by May 1, 2021. To apply, you’ll need to copy and paste your personal application code, which you’ll find in the Together Experiences emails in your inbox. 

Hosts will receive instructions on submitting a post-event report. That’s where you can request up to $50 in reimbursement for hosting expenses. Note that only first-time hosts can receive reimbursement, but your family can host as many Together Experiences as you’d like. Be sure to complete your event and submit a report by May 31, 2021. A limited number of Together Experiences are available for reimbursement, and we can only offer one host reimbursement per family.