How to Heal a Broken Wing


Why does the world need a variety of animals?

How to Heal a Broken Wing



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Only a small child saw the injured pigeon lying helplessly on the sidewalk. This quiet story of a boy, a bird, and a broken wing relates the power of compassion, patience, and hope.


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Jewish values

Kindness to animals – Tza’ar ba’alei chayim

The literal translation of the Hebrew phrase is “the suffering of living creatures,” and it means preventing animals from feeling pain. The word tza’ar is related to the word tsuris, trouble, found in many Yiddish folktales. Stories in the Torah often equate kindness to animals with human virtue.

Rabbis in ancient times saw that animals have feelings. How can we tell what an animal is feeling?


fun stuff at home

Living creatures are everywhere. Challenge families to name or find as many animal habitats as they can, inside and outside the home. How many habitats can you see on an outdoor walk in the neighborhood or in the park?