Fast Asleep in a Little Village in Israel


What does Israel mean to you?

Pippa's Passover Plate



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Mrs. Strauss tries to sleep through a host of noisy animals and passers-by. The one thing she cannot ignore, however, is the pitter patter of rain, marking the end of the summer dry season.


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Jewish values

Israel - Yisrael

The Jewish people have a rich history and connection with the land of Israel. Despite its small size, Israel is rich with cultural and political diversity. The land and climates vary as much as its language and religions, with snowy mountains, arid deserts, and coral reefs.

What questions do we have about Israel? What in Israel would you like to see?


fun stuff at home

Look at photos of Israel and imagine which sports and activities you might do in all of Israel’s climates. Eat some falafel and humus as you plan your adventures.