Regions covered

Salem, Corvallis, and Surrounding Communities in addition to Hood River, St. Helens, and Coastal Communities

Ages served

From birth through 8.5 years old

Community sponsor

PJ Library in Salem, Corvallis and surrounding communities is provided as a gift to families by B’nai B’rith Camp, Temple Beth Sholom, Beit Am Jewish Community, and the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation.


Bette Amir-Brownstein
(503) 345-9451

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About this Community

You’re going to love PJ Library! If you love reading with your kid(s), PJ Library is perfect for you. You’ll get a FREE Jewish children’s book or CD in your mailbox every month! The books focus on Jewish holidays, values, and folk tales. They are kid tested, age appropriate, and beautifully illustrated. You’ll love them as much as your kids do.

PJ Library is more than just books and music. Connect with your community, meet new people, help others learn, discover new ways to do good and give back – all through PJ Library. Throughout the year, our families gather for story times and other special programs, where you and your kids can do all of this and much more. PJ Library is for any family raising Jewish children: affiliated, unaffiliated, interfaith or non-traditional. For children ages 6 months through 8 years old.

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PJ Library is a gift from B’nai B’rith Camp, the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation, and our local community sponsors. PJ Library is funded nationally in partnership with the Harold Grinspoon Foundation.

About B’nai B’rith Camp, our PJ Library Implementing Partner:
B’nai B’rith Camp builds strong, vibrant, and welcoming communities through our life-long programs for all ages that encourage engagement and self-discovery. BB Camp, as a community camp, is at our core a Jewish summer camp for youth, with our task to grow Jewish youth into energetic and engaged Jewish adults, laying the foundation for strong Jewish communities. We are open to everyone as a gateway into Jewish life; a catalyst to build long-term relationships and friendships; a place where individuals and families can encounter Jewish ideas, principles, practices, and values; a place where people encounter Israel and explore the ideal of Jewish peoplehood in their lives; and a special space for convening important conversations and retreats for both the Jewish and broader communities.

BB Camp’s programs, services, and connections support a diverse and thriving Jewish people-and as appropriate, the broader community-in having fulfilling and meaningful experiences. Through our work, we create transformational experiences steeped in enduring Jewish values, in which differences are respected and communities are built. Visit us at www.bbcamp.org.