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A Family Sukkot

Outdoor Living

Sukkot is about your temporary "home" outside of your home, but there are plenty of ways to enjoy the holiday with or without a sukkah. 

Shake the Lulav

From sukkah decorations to snack recipes to a lulav and etrog tutorial, find what you need on the holiday hub or in our digital family guide

Favorite Books for Purchase

PJ Publishing

Looking for a baby gift? Share your favorite PJ Publishing board book with new parents. PJ Library's storefront has copies of Todah, Fridays Are Special, Havdalah Sky, and more to purchase.

PJ Library Aprons

Cook together as a family in matching PJ Library aprons, available in multiple child and adult sizes.

Have I Got a Story For You!

PJ Library's Award-Winning Podcast

Subscribe to Have I Got a Story For You! wherever you get podcasts, and find bonus activities and full episdoes on the podcast website.

Everything Audio for PJ Library

The Listen hub is your source for music videos, holiday playlists, episodes of the podcast, and more. It's your Jewish soundtrack!

Talking to Kids About Race

The PJ Library team has curated a selection of resources for parents, educators, and caregivers for handling conversations about race, racism, diversity, and inclusion.

Respecting Differences

A core Jewish value is honoring what makes individuals unique. Find books and activities about respecting and celebrating differences

The Next Chapter of PJ Library: PJ Our Way

PJ Our Way is for kids ages 9-12, and it's kid-driven. They choose their own books each month, creating a tailored experience totally based on their own interests and reading level.

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