Bronx — Riverdale — CSAIR

Regions covered

Riverdale, Kingsbridge, Yonkers, and Inwood

Ages served

6 months through 8 years old

Community sponsor

PJ Library is provided by CSAIR Conservative Synagogue Adath Israel of Riverdale with the support of Robert and Susan Schwartz and the Steinhardt Foundation & Jewish Education Project.


Roberta Ruben Zweifler
(718) 543-8400

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About this Community

FOUNDED UPON THE THREE TRADITIONAL pillars of Judaism (Torah, Avodah, and Gemilut Chasadim), we provide a wide range of opportunities for Jewish learning and growth, prayer and observance, acts of social responsibility and deeds of kindness and caring.

We are proud of our active and diverse congregation of parents and grandparents, young adults and adults who are young at heart, singles and single-parents, empty-nesters, students and children. Our members come from all backgrounds to form an embracing, warm, and Jewishly committed community.


In accordance with the principles of Conservative Judaism, our mission is to provide a dynamic environment inwhich all Jews can grow in Jewish living. We are dedicated to enlightening the mind through learning, nourishing the soul through prayer, and creating a caring community.

  • Enlightening the Mind through Learning --We will promote Jewish observance through a full range of educational programs, for youth and adults, on all levels. The education of our children will continue to be our priority.
  • Nourishing the Soul through Prayer -- We will seek God through participatory, traditional, egalitarian services. We will share inspirational, moving prayer experiences and provide meaningful and accessible services for all. We will lift our voices together in praise of our Creator.
  • Creating a Caring Community -- We will care for each other, our community, the people and the land of Israel, and all of God's creations through acts of loving kindness.