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Every episode of Have I Got a Story For You takes a classic Jewish folk tale and gives it a modern twist. You can explore episodes here and if you find one you really like, be sure to click on the episode page to find activities, book lists, and keep the fun going.


Season 1: Episode 3

Moon Station One

It's 70 years in the future and Judi and Daniel are tasked with helping NASA's most brilliant, but curmeoudgenly, scientist, Doctor Michael J. Epstein as he manages Moon Station One. Dr. Epstein thinks Moon Station One is too crowded with eight other people living there and talking while they do work. And his room doesn't feel spacious enough. Judi and Daniel enact something called "Epsilon Protocol" to help Dr. Epstein feel more "at home" and hilarity ensues.

In this week's episode we learn about a Jewish value called hakarat hatov or recognizing the good. Basically, hakarat hatov is about gratitude and being happy with what we have. 

Season 1: Episode 2

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

Cat and Dog are best friends, but one day Cat decides to live in a house with Adam and Eve. When Dog decides to join Cat, the friends have their very first disagreement. This episode is based on a story from a very old book called The Alphabet of Ben Sira.

Season 1: Episode 1

Two Sisters

Amy and Emily are sisters, and best friends. They live on the 18th floor of an 18 story building and do just about everything together. In fact, they're alike in every way except that Amy has really bad allergies. Since Emily has tons of pets, hosting duties for Shabbat always fall to Amy. When each sister sets out to surprise the other, things get very interesting.