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Produced by PJ Library, a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, PJ Library sends great, expertly-curated books to families raising Jewish children – every month, for free!  Learn more and sign up at pjlibrary.org.

Every episode of Have I Got a Story For You takes a classic Jewish folk tale and gives it a modern twist. You can explore episodes here and if you find one you really like, be sure to click on the episode page to find activities, book lists, and keep the fun going.


Iron Mom

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Tag along with Rita Toomey to follow the adventures of Iron Mom, the world's greatest superhero! From epic battles with out of this world villains, to Shabbat dinner with the kids, Iron Mom does it all. But why does she keep sneaking out on Sundays in disguise? 

The Carob Tree

Celebrate the joy of growing your own food with a special gift from PJ Library this December. In addition to a special microgreens planting kit, PJ Library subscribers will also find a mini-book of the story, The Carob Tree.

Join narrator Rita Toomey for an early afternoon walk to meet the characters of the story. Enjoy this beautiful re-imagining of the Talmudic story of Honi the Circle Maker. 

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Carly's Cupcakes

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Carly makes -beautiful, delicious, inventive, cupcakes in her bakery. Carlotta keeps the synagogue running and dreams of trying one of Carly's cupcakes, but doesn't have the money to splurge on sweet treats. When the two cross paths, a sweet tale of tzedakah and community begins. 

The Clever Thief

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Is anyone truly perfect? The jingle-loving king of the animals certainly thinks so. That is, until he meets a skateboarding, nacho-loving, piglet with a pomegranate-related secret.

The Sweetest Sound

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Kreplach Riot, the world's greatest band, is on the hunt for an opening act, but lead singer Mendelsohn's picky attitude is getting in the way.