The Sweetest Sound

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Kreplach Riot, the world's greatest band, is on the hunt for an opening act, but lead singer Mendelsohn's picky attitude is getting in the way. 

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The members of Kreplach Riot find the sweetest sound while also honoring friendship and community.  And they also practice a little bit of the mitvah of maakhal revi'im, feeding the hungry.

Make sweet music of your own with your very own tamburitza:


  • Small shoebox (bottom only)
  • Cardboard tube
  • 5-7 large rubber bands
  • Scissors
  • Masking or duct tape
  • Markers, stickers, or ribbons for decorating (optional)


  • Cut a hole in one end of the box, just large enough to fit the cardboard tube.
  • Wrap the rubber bands around the sides of the shoe box, spacing evenly between the bands.
  • Tape the tube onto the end of the box.
  • Decorate as you wish, then start strumming!

Download instructions.

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Episode Notes

Today's episode is based on a Sephardic folk tale that's told in a few different ways. In one version, an emperor invites guests to a lush banquet to help answer the riddle: what is the sweetest sound. Each brings a famous musician and argues until they're exhausted. The discussion continues but no food is served. Finally, the emperor brings out the first course and lifts the lid on a pot. When he hits the ladle, the entire party is lulled with a hush, by the sweetest sound -- dinner being served at last. 


Episode Credits

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Executive producers: Meredith Lewis, Alli Thresher
Director: Alli Thresher
Additional production: Craig Rossein
Website design: Christina Rizer
Audio editing, mixing and mastering: Peter Moore
Score: Peter Moore
Recorded remotely
Mixed at Palace of Purpose Studios in Malden, MA.
Cover art: Barb Bastian
Story editor: Alan Silberberg
This episode was written by Jan Schwaid


Narrator, Rita Toomey: Madelaine Ripley
Mendelsohn: Tau Zaman of The Whisper Forge
Loretta: Jen Kenneally
Max: Kristofer Jenson
Kazoo Player, Klezmaniac Magee Front-person: Payton James
Minyan Makers Band leader, Harpist, Haverton Symphony Conductor: Rich Wentworth
The Pizza Guy: Peter Moore