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The Jewish Holiday of PurimPURIM IS THE JOYOUS HOLIDAY that celebrates the rescue of the Jews of Persia from annihilation. Along with reading the biblical Book of Esther (often called the megillah) on Purim, we dress up in costumes, share a festive meal, give gifts to our friends, and money to those in need.

On Purim you eat hamantaschen, triangular cookies with a filling (poppy and jam are popular options). Hamantaschen means Haman's pockets, and various legends connect the triangular pastries with Haman's hat, ears, and pockets. Many people put their hamantaschen in small packages of foods and gifts, which they distribute to friends and to the poor. Finally, a festive meal at home closes the holiday. It is traditional to serve alcohol, as well as a sumptuous feast, at this meal.

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Purim Books

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