Season 1: Episode 7

Miracle Bread

Harry and Betty don't have much, but they have each other and their community. The couple don't want anyone in their cul de sac worrying about their lack of challah on Friday nights, so they design a very creative ruse -- but one day, something positively magical happens and transforms Harry and Betty's Shabbat dinners and neighborhood.

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After you listen to this story, why not try making some challah of your own?

Or plan a special get together with neighbors and friends.

Plan a day of service to help feed the hungry in your community.


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Community is a central component of both religious and secular Jewish life. Many Jews tend to build their communities around synagogues, religious schools, and community institutions like Jewish community centers and federations, which allow people to gather and spend time with each other. But any community institution, even the local cul de sac, can be a great place for people to convene, chat, and become friends (not to mention eat and play!). Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, the former chief rabbi of the United Kingdom, wrote, “Community is the place where we know we’re not alone.” Here are some more great books about community and coming together to make sure everyone is fed:

Yaffa and Fatima Shalom Salaam
Snow in Jerusalem
Brothers Promise


Books about feeding the hungry


Episode Notes

Betty and Harry’s story is based on an old legend about a very wise rabbi, Hanina ben Dosa. Rabbi ben Dosa performed many great miracles, and his wife was so used to them, that when a nosy neighbor came inquiring about the family’s empty oven on Shabbat, she didn’t even blink when they opened the door to find several loaves of challah. In our updated version, Harry and Betty, through acts of selflessness and caring, fill their oven with bread and provide new opportunities for their friends and neighbors, like Lizzy.


Episode Credits

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Director: Alli Thresher
Additional production: Craig Rossein
Website design: Christina Rizer
Audio editing, mixing and mastering: Peter Moore
Theme music: Penelope Alizarin Conley
Score: Peter Moore
Recorded at Palace of Purpose Studios in Malden, MA.
Cover art: Barb Bastian
Story editor: Alli Thresher

This episode was written by Naomi Shulman

Narrator, Rita Toomey: Madelaine Ripley
Harry: Rich Wentworth
Betty: Deirdre Wade
Lizzy: Alli Thresher