Final Preparation

Take a shower

It's traditional not to shower on Yom Kippur, so some people shower right before the fast begins. On a day when we’re thinking about cleaning ourselves on the inside, it’s nice to start clean on the outside.

Eat a good meal together

The meal eaten before the Yom Kippur fast is a festive “separation” meal, and it’s traditional to eat challah dipped in honey, just like on Rosh Hashanah. Even if you’re not fasting, take time at this meal to appreciate how important food is.

Plan ahead

Kids aren’t expected to fast, but you might want to choose something you’ll do differently on Yom Kippur.

Some ideas for things not to do: Don't do household chores. (That's easy.) Don’t eat dessert. (That's harder.)

Some ideas for things to do: Read a book. Take a walk outside – in nature, if possible. Talk about ways you can change in the new year. Pray or meditate – whatever that means for you. Play quietly.

You can do some of the suggested activities throughout this guide, either as preparation for Yom Kippur or on Yom Kippur itself, depending on your family's practice: