Closing the Gate and Ending the Fast

Yom Kippur ends at nightfall, when three stars appear in the sky. We hear the loud blast of the shofar piercing the air, signaling the end of the holiday and the fast.

If you have a shofar at home, or have made your own, you can blow it for yourself to mark the end of Yom Kippur:

Blow along with Jewish people all over the world. Make it long and loud! Blow for a sweet new year, full of love and good deeds, justice and happiness for everyone.

The Yom Kippur prayers traditionally end with the expression leshanah haba’a biYerushalayim, which means “Next year in Jerusalem”! The Passover seder ends with the very same words, imagining a world of justice and freedom for everyone.

This year we have been separated from people we love and communities we care about. As the new year begins, we think about how we can make this a year of healing, growth, and hope.

Next year in Jerusalem!

Next year may we celebrate the
High Holidays together.