Family Conversations

The Ten Days are a good time for having thoughtful one-on-one conversations or a sit-down talk as a whole family.

You can download and print these prompts to guide you. 

Family Conversations


PART ONE: Making Myself (Even) Better

Think about your actions.

  • What things have I done this past year that I’m proud of?
  • What can I do this new year that I’ll be proud of?
  • How can I get started?

PART TWO: Making Family and Friendships Stronger

Have a one-on-one conversation with a family member or friend.

  • What are some kind things we’ve done for each other this past year?
  • How have we disrespected or hurt each other this past year?  Now is the time to apologize for those acts and to offer each other forgiveness. 
  • What’s the best way to keep these things from happening again? 

PART THREE: Family Goals

Sit as a family to discuss your goals for the new year and ways to grow even kinder to each other.

  • When do we feel most connected as a family? When is it harder to get along?
  • How can we support each other better?
  • What are some ideas for making family time more special in the new year?

Examples: No phones or gossip (lashon hara) at the dinner table. Sharing Friday night (Shabbat) dinner together. Eating healthier food or spending more time outdoors together.

PART FOUR: Fixing the World
(Tikkun olam in Hebrew)

As a family, discuss ways to reach out to others in your neighborhood, your community, and the world.

  • Do we have a neighbor who lives alone or friends who are going through a difficult time? What can we do to help them?
  • Are there people in our community who need food, clothes, or shelter? Are there people who aren’t treated fairly? What are some ways we can support them?
  • What are our tikkun olam goals (helping animals, helping the environment, visiting the elderly, etc.) and what project ideas can we think up?

(TIP: If your family has a tzedakah box for collecting money for charitable donations, this is a good time of year to talk about where to give the money when the box gets full.)