Special Rosh Hashanah Minisodes And Remixes

Rosh Hashanah is on the way! PJ Library and the Have I Got a Story For You! team are excited to introduce new mini minisodes and podcast mixes featuring listener questions and special guests.

Today we're answering listener questions about Rosh Hashanah and then revisiting Carly's Cupcakes, where we'll hear even more listener questions and visit with a special guest. 

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Episode Credits

Have I Got a Story For You! is a production of PJ Library

Executive producers: Meredith Lewis, Alli Thresher
Director: Alli Thresher
Additional production: Craig Rossein
Website design: Christina Rizer
Audio editing, mixing and mastering: Peter Moore
Score: Peter Moore
Recorded remotely
Mixed at Palace of Purpose Studios in Malden, MA.
Minisodes and "Mix" written by Alli Thresher

Special thanks to our wonderful listeners for their fantastic questions: EdenTaliWill, and Bowie.

Cast (Mini Minisodes):

Rabbi Naomi: Jen Kenneally
Al, the engineer: Rich Wentworth

Carly's Cupcakes

Full cast and crew information is available on the Carly's Cupcakes page.