Westchester — Southern Westchester — Pelham Jewish Center

Regions covered

Pelham and Lower Westchester

Ages served

6 months through 8 years old

Community sponsor

This project is supported by Les and Sybil Rosenberg.


Hildy Martin

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About this Community

THE PELHAM JEWISH CENTER is committed to fostering a rich, communal Jewish life through prayer, study, social action, and outreach to the unaffiliated.

We have a children's LearningCenter, extensive adult education, youth groups, and social action programs. Our relatively small size and proximity to New York City have allowed us to develop a community that is both close knit and cosmopolitan.

Our membership is made up of families with infants, young children, and teens and/or young adults in college as well as older couples and singles. Our members come from all backgrounds and experiences with Jewish observance, including interfaith couples.