How We Choose Music

Every December, PJ Library mails a CD of Jewish music to PJ Library families The music celebrates Jewish themes, holidays, traditions, and values. Just like the PJ Library books, PJ Library music inspires and educates children and their parents. A committee of professionals, early childhood educators, musicians, and parents carefully chooses the music.

How to Submit Music

Submit songs for consideration on a PJ Library CD. PJ Library is always looking for new and exciting Jewish children’s music from established and emerging artists. Songs or albums can be submitted at any time by filling out this form:

Submit Your Music

The music selection committee reviews all complete and eligible submissions on a rolling basis. If your music is selected for further review, you may be asked to provide additional information to PJ Library.

How We Choose Music

Music Selection Guidelines

As the music selection committee reviews Jewish children's music for PJ Library, it asks

  • Is this music suited for children between the ages of 6 months and 8 years?
  • Are the music and lyrics engaging for young children (and their parents)?
  • Is the music appropriate for families of varying levels of Jewish engagement or observance (or differing Jewish beliefs)?
  • Does the music and its lyrics reflect the contemporary Jewish experience of diverse families?
  • Will this music deepen understanding about Jewish life?
  • Is the music and vocals a high-quality production?

In order to best appeal to our audience, the PJ Library program does not send out music that is

  • Entirely Hebrew
  • Primarily prayer
  • Aimed at an audience older than 8 years of age
  • Part of a "package," requiring or including supplemental materials (i.e., multiple CDs, accompanying books, curricula, etc.)