Singing (and Dancing) In the New Year

Start you new year off right - with music and celebrations! Dance, sing, and celebrate with the music videos below -- there's something for everyone.

For Younger Children

Every child loves Sesame characters, right? Shalom Sesame has an entire playlist of videos about the high holidays. The videos include a song about the shofar, saying sorry, and having a happy new year. Check out one of our favorites below:

PJ Library artist Joanie Leeds just released a new video for her song Honey and Apples. Young children will have a blast repeating "honey, honey, honey" while dancing along. Why not have a Honey and Apples dance along to go with a PJ Library story like Apples and HoneyYou can watch Honey and Apples below: 



For Older Children

If your children are a little beyond the Sesame stage (but is anyone EVER really beyond the Sesame stage?!), then you might consider the "Rosh Hashanah Anthem" from It features acrobatic dance moves and upbeat music that will "make your head spin."



The PJ Our Way design team recommends rocking with The Maccabeats to kick off your new year:

For Everyone

Here's a fun Rosh Hashanah musical parody by the Ein Prat Fountainheads from the Ein Prat Academy in Israel. It's enjoyable for all ages!



You can also have a dance party to PJ artist Josh and the Jamtones' L'shana Tova. Listen below:



Or enjoy this animated video from PJ Library artist The Macaroons. We love the chorus: "whenever things get sticky, just remember life is sweet!" 




Happy New Year and ShanahTovah!!