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Of all the challah-makers to help with the Shabbat cooking, who would have thought a dinosaur would take on the job? Dinosaur on Shabbat, a children’s book written by Diane Rauchwerger and illustrated by Jason Wolff tells the story of an eager dinosaur who causes trouble when he arrives to help a boy and his family celebrate Shabbat.

One of the activities the dinosaur “helps” undertake is the making of challah. Your young PJ reader might like to follow suit. Help your little one get into the challah-making mood with some of the fun content below.

Yummy Vegan Challah


In addition to Dinosaur on Shabbat, here are some other fantastic books featuring challah:

A Holiday For Noah by Susan Remick Topek
Braid the Challah by Beily Paluch
It's Challah Time! by Latifa Berry Kropf
Many Days, One Shabbat by Fran Manushkin
Rise & Shine: A Challah Day Tale by Karen Ostrove
Shabbat is Coming by Tracy Newman
The Friday Nights of Nana by Amy Hest
This is the Challah by Sue Hepker


According to the website,, challah is “the Jewish Sabbath-and-holiday bread.” The site adds that challah is “surrounded by folklore and tradition and loaded with symbolism.”

It makes sense, then, that Jewish children’s musicians often sing about making challah. Take a listen to our playlist of challah-themed songs below:


If the PJ Library books or challah tunes listed above aren’t enough, you can get your PJ reader in the challah-making mood with the following videos:
Watch Grover learn about Shabbat, including the role of challah:  


Cedric the Entertainer also gets in on the challah action. In the video below, he offers a silly riddle:


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