Children's Books about Noah from PJ Library

Children's Books about Noah from PJ Library

THE TORAH PORTION being read this week includes the story of Noah and the Ark. You need more than your fingers and toes to count all the children's books written about Noah and his saving the animals on the ark!

Coinsider reading a couple of the PJ Library books below this week. Each of these titles has a unique take on Noah's story. Our Book Selection Committee hopes that you and your family will enjoy reading them.


Nammah and the Ark at Night

Naamah and the Ark at Night
Author: Susan Campbell Bartoletti
Illustrator: Holly Meade
Naamah, Noah’s wife sings and soothes all the inhabitants of the ark on a dark and stormy night.

Fox Walked Alone

Fox Walked Alone

Author: Barbara Reid
Illustrator: Barbara Reid
Fox joins other animals walking two-by-two toward a mysterious destination. Where in the world are they headed?

The littlest pair

The Littlest Pair
Author: Sylvia Rouss
Illustrator: Holly Hannon
There isn’t one animal happy to see a pair of termites come aboard their temporary floating home. When things aboard the ark get slippery and uncomfortable and the little termites have a solution to their problem, all those creatures quickly change their tune.

Noah's Bark

Noah's Bark
Author: Stephen Krensky
Illustrator: Rogé
What’s a boat builder to do?! Noah has an ark to construct, but how can he manage his task with the snakes quacking, the beavers crowing, and the pigs howling? Find out how each animal came to make its unique sound in this retelling of the Noah's ark story.

Old MacNoah Had an Ark

Old MacNoah Had an Ark
Author: Sally Lloyd-Jones
Illustrator: Jill Newton
Noah has built an ark and herded all the animals on board. Now what is he to do with these hungry, smelly, slip-sliding creatures? Ee-i-Ee-i-o!