PJ Library Connects with Young Families' Jewish Ties


By Daniella Wexler | Philadelphia Inquirer

Growing up, Aimee Kraemer never went to church. Religion in her family was "just Christmas and Easter," she says.

Then, at Pennsylvania State University, she fell in love. With someone Jewish. And as so many interfaith couples find, planning the future got tricky.

She and Brett Kraemer dated for seven years before they married, with a clear understanding emerging between them: She would decide whether to convert, but the kids, he insisted, would be raised Jewish.

Even though she did convert, she realized when her daughter, Alexandra, turned 1 that she felt unprepared to raise a Jewish child.

Her mother-in-law suggested that she subscribe to PJ Library, a free service that sends Jewish storybooks and music monthly to more than 2,000 young families in Philadelphia and more than 70,000 households nationwide.