Why do we conduct this evaluation?

Every three years, PJ Library hires a team of evaluators to learn about PJ Library families and their experiences with the program. The feedback gathered shows a clear picture of Jewish families today and provides PJ Library with information that will be used to measure the success of its programs and make decisions about how to design future offerings to meet PJ families where they are.

How was it conducted?

We partnered with an external evaluation firm, Informing Change, to survey families that had been enrolled in PJ Library for at least 6 months as of November 2016. The online survey was available to all families via a unique email link or a generic link on pjlibrary.org. Informing Change also conducted follow up interviews with 45 families to gain a better understanding of family experience with the books and resources at home.

How did this study compare to the 2013 Pew Study: A Portrait of Jewish Americans?  

We included four of the same questions as used in the 2013 Pew study, outlined below. It is important to note that the 2013 Pew Study interviewed individual US Jews through random sampling, whereas our study’s unit of measurement is Jewish families in both the US and Canada who self-selected to participate.

Thinking about Jewish religious denominations, do you consider your family to be: (Choose one)

  • Conservative
  • Orthodox
  • Reform
  • Something else (Please describe): ____________
  • No particular denomination
In the last year, did your family make a financial donation to any Jewish charity or cause? (Choose one)
  • No
  • Yes
  • Not sure

Thinking about yourself, how emotionally attached are you to Israel? (Choose one)

  • Not at all attached
  • Not very attached
  • Somewhat attached
  • Very attached
  • Not sure

Thinking about yourself, do you agree or disagree with the following statement: I am proud to be Jewish. (Choose one)  

  • Disagree
  • Agree
  • Not sure
  • I do not identify as Jewish

Please email familysurvey@pjlibrary.org if you’d like more information.